Workflow Solutions

Technology And Your Business

Muditva's Workflow Solutions has Specialized in Systems Integration, Hardware, and Support for Publishing, Print and Business Environments. Our Experience Snaps PC/Windows, Apple, PC/Linux and Sun/Solaris.

Commitment to Great Service

We Build Long-Term Partnership with Our Customers, helping them grow their use of Technology. Muditva Offers a Wealth of Experience and Skills in most Technology Fields Providing the Right Services at the Right Level.

Muditva WorkFLow

Muditva's Workflow Makes Collaborating Easy. Simple, Point and Click Workflow that Connects Every person, Department, and System Inside or Outside of Your Business. Learn How Muditva's Workflow Automation Solves Process Challenges!

Workflow Automation

No Matter What Your Platform, No Matter Where You Keep Your Content, Muditva Workflow Automates your Process, so that everyone along the Process Can Connect, Collaborate and Keep on Working Together.

Workforce Cloud

Try the New, Cloud First Workflow Platform that Makes it Easy to Build Maintain and Update Powerful Business Process that Span Multiple Sas Provider. Build it To Connect to all your Content wherever it is!

Muditva's Hawkeye!

Its a new generation of Analytics, Giving you a Better View of Your Business. So you can See which Processes yield the best Results and which are Ripe for Improvement. Cloud First, Platform Designed to Support Process.

Customised Workflow

Designed to Drive Professional Digital Color Print System, MonoPlate Making / Film Making Systems, Computer-to-Plate and Computer to Film Systems. Advanced Features Automate Complex Prepress Task, helps to Eliminate Costly Errors, Increase Overall Shop Production and Imaging Quality.

Content Workflow Solutions

Muditva's technological Advancements are Considered an Industry Benchmark. From Processing of Raw Content to Final Delivery of the Product, we Developed technology and automation solutions that integrate authoring, editing, formatting and Multi-Channel Delivery.


Powerful Tool that Can Enable just One Highly Skilled team member to See a Project Through from Start to Finish. Muditva Deployed Proprietary Digital publishing Suite, known as MI-XPS, with its Customers for Rapid Publication of Journals, Books, and Conference Proceedings.