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Processing Augmented Reality with True Intelligence

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Redefining Artificial Intelligence to Offer Futuristic Computer Vision, Image Processing
and Augmented Reality Enabled Technology Solutions!

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Muditva's True Intelligence Used for Augmented Reality
Where Digital Content Like Video, Photograph, Sound or any Virtual Content!

From Digital Recruiters to Financial Assistants to Travel Agents. We've Partnered with Great Brands Wholly Transform their Digital Relationships with Workforce and Customers.MITI is the Advanced Cognitive Interaction Platform available for Personalized and Secure Digital Experiences.
More AI Experiences - Simple Solutions to Complex Situations and Handling.

As the Most Comprehensive Collection Platform for Data from Millions' of Individuals, we've combined the Best Minds and Artificial Intelligence to Bring a New Understanding to Data Mapping. With Continuous Evolution and Optimization of Muditva' TI's Knowledgebase, the Computation methodology will Create the Intelligent Digital Guide, Providing Personalized Management System,
Recommendations both Small and Large.

You Give us One Piece of Text, and we Map out the Key Concepts of Text, Fetch you all the Most Relevant Published Research on the Topic on Present in visual Format Using AI Technology, Architecture, and AI Learning. We're Taking a Non-Semantic Topic Modelling model Approach.

The Artificial Intelligence that Reads Science! Muditva's "True Intelligence" is a Customized Version of Artificial Intelligence, that Starts Out as a Science Assistant: Helping you Find the Science You Need. Over Time She'll learn, Slowly but Surely Becoming a Scientist her Self.

Muditva's - True Intelligence (MITI)

With Unique Combination of Expertise in Mathematics, Software, and Intelligence, Muditva has Delivered the Most Values Enterprise Immune System.

Our Leading-Edge Solutions gives Organizations the Ability to Detect Emerging Cyber Threats, allowing them the Opportunity to Proactively Defend against In Progress Cyber Attacks. Transformative Technology to the Challenge of Cyber Security.

Elements and Portfolio

We create experiences that transform brands, grow businesses and make clients happy.
Working on big challenges in honest collaboration with our clients.

MI's True Intelligence

MI's Most Advanced Technology for Cyber Defense. Inspired by Self Learning Intelligence of the Human Immune System, the New Class of Technology has Enabled Fundamental Shift in
Way Organizations Defend. Aimed a New Era of Sophisticated and Pervasive Cyber-Threats.


Powered by Advanced Machine Learning, Together with New Branch of Probability Theory, Muditva is a Self Learning Cyber Defense technology Proven to Work at Scale. Capable of Detecting Cyber Threats and Anomalous behaviors..

Muditva Works by Creating Unique Behavioral Models for Every User and Device Across the Enterprise and analyzing the Relationships between them Leveraging it's Unique Machine Learning Algorithms.

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Our Capabilities

Implement Our Cloud Based Analytic Engine in your Organization or Installed base. Enjoy a Constantly Growing Number of Fully Automatic Algorithms Supported by Quick and Frictionless Integration Process.

Deep Learning

Algorithmic Technique Revolutionizing What is Possible in Areas as Finance, AST, Communication, Automotive, Natural Language Processing and More. We Combine our Vast Imaging Database with Deep Learning to Automatically Detect and Produce Accurate Results.

Data Driven

Muditva Accumulated Large anonymized database of Imaging. The Deep Learning in large Quantities of High Quality Data to work with Millions of Imaging to create High Performance Algorithms Faster, for Numerous Findings in parallel. Over the next Years we Expect to release the Dozes of Automated Findings and Insights to Improve.

Secure Networks

Our Secure, High Performance, low latency Private networks function as the "Nerve System" to our Intelligent System. With Authenticated Blockchains, Artificially Intelligent Cloud Built based on Cutting Edge Deep Machine Learning, Our TI Cloud Platform is the Brain that Enables Our Intelligent Bots to Deep thrive Data and Procure Accurate Results, always.

Industry Verticals

While Security Risk Management Have long been a Priority of Financial Services Organizations, the Sector Continuous to Consider Cyber Security as a Critical area for Transformation. The Industry is in Transition from the Legacy Model of Security to an Adaptive Model Capable of Dealing with Uncertainty and Unpredictability.

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