Leading Platform for Self-Service Data Analytics!

Deeper Insights in Hours, Not Weeks with a Repeatable Work Flow for Analytics. With Muditva MTrix Companies of all Sizes realize
Tremendous Potential for Data, Legacy Approaches and Tools Provides Analytics with the Unique Ability to Easily Prep, Blend, and analyze all of their data using a repeatable Work Flow. In Database Analytics!

At Muditva we use Big Data Analytics to Enable Predictive Threat Management for Consumer-Facing Websites and Mobile Apps.
Our Security Analytics Engine Works within a Spark Big Data Platform and Can Handle Billions of Users and Trillions of Accounts in Realtime. Not Every Day you Have a Company Claiming Trillions of Data.

While Many Focused on Speeding Access or Improving Visibility Into Big Data, Muditva Concentrates on Making Sure You Don't Lose Information Stored in Scale-Out Databases like Cassandra and MongoDB. It Takes Serious smarts to run the Organization with Focus on Such Distributed Versioning Technology and with Our Team Boasting Numerous Years of Experience and Research.

In-Database Analytics Software and Related Professional Services Designed to Help Organizations Process Data without Separate Data Extraction Process, Middle Tier analytics Server or additional Storage System. Converted Data into APIs that can be used to Visualize/analyze Information and Power applications. Companies Free and Paid Tools are Catching with Customers as well as with Partners.

We're Unique

Muditva's Radically New Application-Centric Approach to Data Management Helps Organizations Protect, Mobilize, and Monetize their Data to Survive and Thrive in today's Multi-Cloud World.

Muditva Provides Advanced First Cloud - Scale, application Centric Data Management Platform Enabling Organizations to Protect, mobilize, and Monetize all their Application Data Across Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, and Public Cloud.


Elements and Portfolio

We create experiences that transform brands, grow businesses and make clients happy.
Working on big challenges in honest collaboration with our clients.


Connecting Business Analysts and Decision makers to Data, Regardless of Size, Format or Physical Location.Empowering Analysts in line with Business Departments who are Most Familiar with the Day-to-Day Business Challenges.

Leveraging Vast Industry Knowledge and Experience to Deliver Comprehensive Industry Solutions. Muditva Empowers Analysts with Capabilities they Need to Meet Their Organizations' Analytical Need.

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Department Solutions


Industry Solutions


Diverse Data


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Muditva Provides the Cloud Scale, Application-Centric, Data Management Platform Enabling Organizations to Protect, Mobilize, and Monetize all their Application data Across Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, and Public Cloud Environments.

Protect, Mobilize, Monetize

Application Centric Enables Backup Anywhere and Recover anywhere in Scale. highest order Data Movement Efficiency Enables Migrate Anywhere, available anywhere at Scale. Globally Distributed Metadata Catalogue Enables Data Visibility and Insight.

Data Management

Applications are Being Born in Cloud and Each of Which Uses Unique and Distinct Infrastructure Technologies. Only Common Denominator Binding all Clouds together is "Data" Itself. Data Centric Reality Customers Must Protect, Mobilize, and Monetize Data.