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Speed Limiting Device

Premium Quality Speed Governor / Speed Limiter Device!

Muditva Through Associated Partners Offering the Best Quality SLDs Suitable for all types of vehicles. Our SLD is Durable & Tested for Quality and Performance and Each Device is Strictly Monitored to Follow ARAI Guidelines.

We Supply Various Types of SLDs as Per Requirements of ARAI & Industry. Our SLDs are Fully Integrated and Saves FUEL as well as LIFE.

Our Electronic SLDs is a Micro Controller Based Electronic Unit, Maintaining the Vehicle Speed at Optimum Levels. We Follow Latest Manufacturing & Safety Techniques to Produce HIGH-Quality SLDs.

Major Benefits

Precise & Responsive

Our SLDs are Precise Speed Controls Designed & Manufactured in Various Configurations to Meet Application Requirements using the Latest Analog & Digital Control Technologies.

Reverse Battery Polarity & Fail-Safe Protection, Wide Variety of Application Needs can be Satisfied with Our Constant / Variable in Isochronus or Droop Operation.

Digital & Analog

Our SLDs are Solid State Micro Processor Based Speed Control Units that Offer Precise (+/- 0.25%) Speed Control with Fast Response to Transit Load Changes in Both Modes.

It is Designed for High Reliability and Built Ruggedly to withstand the Engine Environment.


Through Latest in electronic surface mount, Precise whole manufacturing methods and equipment combine for an efficient and high quality operation to Ensure Longitivity

Our SLDs Offer Best in Class Technicalities & Benefits Ranging From Saving Fuel, Saving LIFE & Increasing Profits with Low Fuel Consumption, Tire & Break Wear, Lower Repair & Service Cost, Reduced Operating Costd and Longer Vehicle Life.

Value Drivven

All of our designs start with promise that we must provide our customers with the highest quality product providing the best value available in the world. These areas of discipline are engineering, marketing, customer service, production, and quality assurance

Mechanical Assembly

The mechanical assembly process has the latest in automatic and semi-automatic production methods and tools that are augmented by MI’s full array of in house CNC equipment that insures high standards of quality and 'just in time' manufacturing methods.

Quality Commitment

Behind all of this are MI’s employees and our commitment to Quality. These dedicated individuals are committed to continuous improvements in their areas of discipline. These areas of discipline are Engineering, Marketing, Customer Service, Production, and Quality.

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