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    Identifying Needs
    Life & Beyond
    Surpassing Expectationas!
    In Ecosphere where Identification Management is of tantamount standing to nations and businesses similar,
    the services and products presented by Muditva are becoming more treasured by the day.
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    EMV - The Future
    Customized & Highly Secured!
    Recent data breaches have raised consumer awareness of the importance of card security, triggering
    questions and discussion on adoption of EMV smartcards. Muditva is fully equipped to produce
    EMV cards at its secure facility, and having worked with issuers throughout the world to successfully
    implement EMV programs, can provide expert consultation services on card migration strategies

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    An Enterprise Built,
    By Values
    Business Operations With Integrity & CSR
    Exceptional Service, Quality, Innovation & VASP for Superior Customer Satisfaction.

    Muditva Develops, Supply and Implement Business solutions for effective
    Identification,focusing on Biometrics, Contactless and Enhanced Smart Card
    handle with care

Application Integrations.

Muditva's Seamless Automotive Integration Enables Real-time Information Flow between Advanced Mechanics, disparate Applications & Enhances Agility, decision making capabilities. NPS Leverages pre-built framework & adapters to deliver integration services, Implementation, Application & Data on High Canons

Advanced Mobility

Adoption of Smart Devices has reached even the traditionally non-mobile sections of the work force. With the disappearance of the business / consumer divide in terms of adoption of technologies, Muditva Increasingly Focusing to revamp their business process, to realize the potential benefits of Mobility

Smart Technology

Muditva Povides Poducts & Solutions to Customers through Selection of Extnsive & Encompassing Range Including - Smart Cards Employing RFID & Contact less Technology, Identification Credentals for National ID Cards, Plastic Cards and Vital Certificate

Road Safety Solutions

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    Electronic Speed Governor
    Muditva Industries Electronic Speed Limiter Maintains Control Over the Vehicle's Maximum Speed by Smartly Controlling the Throttle System by Eliminating Machine Overspeed Independent of the Driver.
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    SLD Installation & Services
    Installation of ARAI Approved Electronic Speed Limiter Devices in Commercials Vehicles for Increased Road Safety, Improved Fuel Efficiencency, Reduced Ware of Engine, Tyres & Brakes
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    Safety - Road & Environmet
    At Muditva, We Dedicated to Improve Traffice Safety & Mobility. Our High Performance Materials Combine With Innovative Systems & Services to Help you Bring the Best Road Way Systems Into - Reality.

Air Purifiers & Mist Fountains

Muditva’s Specially Designed Air Purifiers & Mist Fountains Increases the Flow of Oxygen to Brain, Purifies the Air on High Paradigm to Fight all Kinds of Pollution in Air By Generating Negative Ions.

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    Muditva IT
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    Muditva Studios
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    Muditva InSource

Vital Stats

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    Muditva Executed Business Transfer Agreement With Sparrow Ventures, a Leading Information Technology Service Provider. Bringing Its Portfolio & Common Floor Access.

    August 9, 2017
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    Muditva IT Merged With Muditva Systems, An Automotive Technology Company as Part of bid to Bloster its Presence in Growing Automobile Industry & IOT.

    August 11, 2017

Core Services

Smart DL & RC

Muditva Provide Complete End to End Solutions for Issuing Smart Card Based Driving License and RC Book. MI's Expertise Include Production of Secured Smart Cards, Registration & Data Capture, Personalization & Card Issuance, Managing Documents and Application.

Vehicle Tracking

Muditva is a True Innovator of Quality GPS Trackers that Satisfy Clients World Wide. We are a Direct manufacturer with Experience & Expertise in the Industry. Not all the Businesses are Same and for that we Offer Multiple GPS Trackers along with Necess & Add On Accessories Such as Fuel/Temp Sensors, Cameras, Micorphones and Even RFID Readers.

Speed Governor

Muditva Developing Broad, Technically Advanced line of Electronic Governing and Fuel Control Systems along with German Based Autotech Company - Serine.Engine Control Systems Range in Cost & Complexity From Single Speed Isochronous to Sphisticated Multi Engine Load Sharing / Power Control Systems, Full Authority Drive-By-Wire Systems, Locomotive Diesel Electronic Controls, Full Engine Generator & Great Variety of Complementing Accessories.


Muditva Offers Advanced Development, Design, Production & On-Site Installation of Fully Automated HSRP Plate, Blanking Production Lines and Full range of Related Equipment, Such as Hot Print Machines, Hologram Stamping Machines, Car Lisense Plate Presses, Clapper Dies etc. Muditva Ofers Inline State of the Art Technology for the Application of all Known and Used Security Features on Number Plates. Mutitva is Front Runner in the Full Integration of GPS Chips, Hightech RFID Technology in Number Plates and Offers fastest Production lines.

Automated Test Track

MI's Answer Aimed to Remove the Limitation that Arose from Earlier Manual Solution, Which is Inaccurate readings and Biased Results. Solution has Been Categorized Under IOT, Because of the Different Technologies Used Within it Aimed to Capture Data and Send Results on Real-Time Basis. MI's Integration of Different Technologies Communicate Over a Network without the Need of Computer / Humer Interatction, Which is why the Results are of High Accuracy.

Innovation to Transportation & Safety Industry.


Population-Based scientific studies, evaluations & community based programs, light infrastructure, media campaigns and more. All of our work is evaluated for efficacy and impact.


Living Through Senses & Structures, Occupied by Comforts & Artists alike in a way Reflecting Tendency to attain as the “Most Beautiful Roads & Safety Measures in the World”


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